Yacht Tours

Tours are given two times weekly. Showers, WC, kitchen and dressing cabins are all available on tours. Informations are given information during breaks for Jet Ski, Banana and diving facilities. You can participate individually or as a group or on tour.

Cyprus Boat Tours Programs
We will introduce you to Northern Cyprus. Our 19-meter tour boat has four toilet, shower and sun deck boats with 7-day buffet, appetisers are served with two types of main lunch and fruit.
Tours every day at 10: 30 and at 17: 00 in the evening offering swimming at the various coves separated from Kyrenia's historic harbour, snorkelling, water sports and we provides the opportunity to try diving. Experienced captain and friendly staffs, will enable you and your family to enjoy a day you will not forget.

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Paragliding in Cyprus

One of the most exciting activities you can do in North Cyprus is paragliding. Spectacular mountain and sea views for paragliding offers a unique experience of our country that you can see from a different angle. Helmets are provided by the company and the required materials such as seat belts and air clothing. Please do not forget to bring along your camera or video camera to record a thrilling experience!
As sea birds fly over the mountains, you will have a chance to feel free as a bird in Northern Cyprus. In our country, parachuting, microlight flight, balloons, you can participate in activities such as wind and model airplane glider. Compared with other countries, given by professionals, this course is quite cheap.

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Adrenaline-filled activities such as paragliding is a flight experience to remember throughout your life. 

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Historical Tour

Northern Cyprus is full of historical places. Tours are organised in different routes every day. 

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Walks in North Cyprus

There are areas that the mountains and forest can be accessed by walk parts in Northern Cyprus. 

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eglence ve sporNorthern Cyprus is a unique place, where no one will ever feel bored. It can be an exploration of archaeological and historical places, or relaxed leisure on the best beaches of Cyprus. For those who need more active kinds of entertainment, the recreational infrastructure of the island offers a wide specter of different activities that suit all tastes.

Touristic Trips
turistik geziler

1. Boat tours
2. Turtles watching
3. Paintballing
4. Quad bike safaris
5. Scuba diving
6. Paragliding
7. Windsurfing
8. Horse riding
9. Hiking and biking
10. Golf fields
11. Casinos



Lions Garden is one of the grandiose entertainment complexes, which organizes international shows and parties. It’s located in Famagusta and only in 10 minutes by walking from the sea.
Glapsides organizes open air and foam parties on the beach; during the winter time it works as a club under the name Park de Luna. It is situated in Famagusta and right on the Glapsides beach.
In the center of Old City, inside the building of old castle every night is opened an English pub Monks Inn. Everyone can find his or hers favorite cocktail inside the unusual and really creative menu being offered.Cypriot cuisine evolved over many centuries, being influenced by the cultures of various countries. The most significant imprint left the Arab nations, the Ottoman Empire, Ancient Greece and the United Kingdom.
Cypriots have a high cult of food especially it concerns family dinners where everyone gathers around one table bursting with an abundance of food on it.
It is impossible to list all the names of Cypriot dishes, but here are the “TOP-10 must try”:


1. Halloumi
2. Kebab
3. Dolma
4. Seafood
5. Ayran
6. Macun
7. Turkish deserts
8. Pastries
9. Turkish coffee