Historical Tours

Famagusta Salamis ruins and St. Barnabas Monastery and the Archaeological Museum
• The first settlement in the region was the city of Famagusta Alasya. This ancient city was the capital of the island of Cyprus.
• Salamis - that ownership of many important events in the history of the island and today is the ancient city comes in good condition.
• Saint Barnabas - which is a Saint and Apostle of Christianity in Cyprus.
• Othello Castle - famous poet and the author of Shakespeare's plays he wrote 'Othello' is a part of the game passes in the castle.
• Varosha Border Area - 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation pre-renowned tourist area. Famagusta western

From 1974 until today this region is being held off the coast of Turkey by the Armed Forces.
Nicosia Tour - of the world's only divided city and capital
Nicosia - 'city of poplar'. The atmosphere and history unlike any city in the world Nicosia, bears the traces of civilization has reigned supreme in time on the island. Many of the historic sites are located within the city's walls.

Kyrenia, St. Hilarion castle and monastery
Kyrenia town is one of the most popular city for tourism in Northern Cyprus. This city is the pearl of the Mediterranean many historic places and is famous for its unique atmosphere. Known as house the oldest ship found until today, which is on display in Girne Shipwreck Museum with artifacts over.
Saint Hilarion Castle - the name come from Jerusalem Christian saint of the Hillarion who spent the last seven years of his life located in a cave in the castle. This spirit in the process of seven years and have treated people with various diseases. Visitors began visiting the castle at the beginning of the last century with its own Walt Disney cartoon 'Snow White, known to use as an example of the castle.
The monastery - also called the 'White Monastery', began to be made during the Lusignan rule. This building belongs to the 13th century, is one of the unique examples of Gothic architecture in Cyprus. There are 17 century icons and frescoes in the monastery.

Karpaz Peninsula, Apostolos Andreas Monastery, the Bafra region
Karpaz Peninsula consist of nature in form of its conservation area, historical sites in form of the monastery, the the golden beach. It is one of few places where you will most feel at home

Guzelurt, St. Mamas Monastery Ruins of the ancient city of Soli
Guzelyurt is the citrus capital of the west of the island and has TRNC's first Archaeological Museum which houses many priceless artefact found in excavations in this region. It introduces the historical monuments. St. Mamas monastery. The oil from the Mamas Church is believed to be good for ear and eye diseases.
It is also where Soli ancient city ruins of the early Christian era is located. The statue of the goddess of love Aphrodite, has been removed from Soli City. Blue Pavilion or Smuggler's Pavilion - home of the president Makarios lawyer who at that time lived in the Republic of Cyprus. Before 1974, Paulos Paulidis was the largest arms dealer making this interesting house consists of two floors and 16 rooms. His house was made from the latest architecture known at that time

The heart of eco-tourism - Kumyali village
Nitovikla Garden hotel -In Kumyali Village gives guests arriving at the hotel in Cyprus a chance to meet and be recieved with all the traditions and customs of the Turkish people, Collecting product you want. You can go home with material prepared for construction of private homes in the village.
10 meters deep, you'll never forget noon meal at the restaurant located in a natural cave. All dishes are unique to Cyprus, we used local and natural materials. When you visit the house you can taste the wines made from local grapes. Do not forget to try Cyprus's traditional alcoholic beverage Zivaniya.
A 10-minute drive from the 'golden sandy' beach, take your sweet walk at the end of the day.

Kantara Castle and Büyükkonuk Eco Village
• Kantara Castle is one of the three mountain fortress of Northern Cyprus.
• Büyükkonuk Eco Village - eco - tourism is a special village for tourists where you can see all of the Cypriot people's customs and traditions, at a place unlike any. Some of the many activities that you can see or join are: Cyprus specific halloumi cheese-making, olive picking olive oil production, various Cypriot dishes in the oven with the Cyprus-made bread, feed pets ...
To feel the village life, make your own hands made bread and eat your meal in the restaurant which is in a natural cave - you will live a very different and unique life.
Kantara Castle which is one of the mountain range - was a strategic stronghold. The island's north-east coast and have checked the northern city of Famagusta. The name of the castle is of Arab origin and the word 'bridge' from Kandara 'words, while some sources' Kanda', that is - is the word castle.
A narrow path allows you to reach the gulf and Karpaz Peninsula, which stands out for its unique nature. Karpas is a specially preserved nature of the north and south-east which has endless sea views, unforgettable moments
and experience.

Büyükkonuk village - one side is surrounded by mountains and close to Kantara Castle. Sandy beach with very clean air and the village is 10 minutes away. In addition, the medieval walk around the village has so many monasteries and churches. Cyprus also has traditional houses in the village.
Büyükkonuk villagers milk goats for their guests, and use it to make a traditional cheese 'halloumi', olive harvesting and olive oil production. According to your request, panning, and participate in village life of grazing animals is indispensable.
A shop located in the center of the village offers traditional Cypriot tools and souvenirs. There are varieties of products such as jam Cyprus honey, and olive oil. Only natural ingredients are used for these products, all of which are prepared by the village residents.
The village has small and cozy restaurant where you can feel the Cypriot hospitality. There is a restaurant right next to the pine forest, and spectacular sea views and mountains.