Bellapais Gardens

Bellapais Gardens Hotel is the ideal place to relax during your holiday in Cyprus. From the beginninng to the end of each year, we offers all kinds of amenities to ensure a pleasant time. Our hotel is large enough to cather to the needs of our guests.

With 17 luxurious and modern bungalow, we offers all the facilities expected of a hotel serving our guest with high standard. Bellapais Gardens Hotel in North is the ideal choice for those planning a holiday in Cyprus. The time spent in our luxury bungalows will ensure an unforgettable holiday experience. Bellapais Gardens Hotel awaits its guests in Cyprus with a colorful flower gardens consisting of charming Mediterranean citrus and fruit trees.

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A thousands of years of history and reflection



The beauty of life is not just limited to the seasons of the of year but by every sunrise of each day



We offer you comfort and make you feel at home


Our flavours

We offer, delightful flavors and a wine to compliment


Her Mevsim

Her mevsim taze, her mevsim sizi misafir etmeye hazırız. Güleryüzlü dost ve samimi bir ortamı sizlerle paylaşmaktan mutluluk duyarız.